Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Etsy Round 2 + New Art!

Wednesday. It's the middle of the week. The perfect time to share some new adventures in my life.

I'm back on Etsy! This time around I am selling fine art prints of my gouache paintings at very reasonable prices, as well as these nifty greeting cards. These cards are perfect for the knitters and fiber enthusiasts in your life and make the best gifts!  There's only two sets up right now, but more will be up within the week. You really should take a look and consider buying, it all goes to support my time at my artist residency. 

My other new adventure involves knitting as well, this time in the form of sculpture. I'm assembling white balls into miniature, abstract sculptures. And then I plan to paint pictures of them, similar to my current paintings. If you want to read more about my process, you can read my residency blog.




Weekly inspirations:
Knitting: This is my new (non-art) knitting project. I'm using up the rest of my dark black/blue and orange from the cowl. Overall, I'm really excited to get this going. 
Art: The Texas Reds Steak and Grape festival was this past weekend. As an A.I.R. I got to exhibit my work. I had great feedback overall (didn't sell much though :( ). Some other great artists were there as well! Including Robert Ruhmann and J. Vincent Scarpace. I had the chance to talk to them both and they had some good insights!
Food: Last week I made some of my favorite sweet potatoes, and finally blogged about it. Yummm
Life: We have a group show up at the Frame Gallery in Downtown Bryan, the opening is tomorrow and there is also going to be a First Friday event. I'm really excited - I hope something sells :) 

Well, happy Wednesday all. Please do consider checking out my shop and giving me some feedback!



  1. I hope your shop goes well - your cards are fantastic :)

  2. Good on you! I shared a link to your Etsy shop on my FB page :)

  3. So happy to see your wonderful work. Wishing you the best as you promote your art!

  4. You know I'm thrilled that you are selling those cards, they are so super pretty!

  5. Love the sculptures! Very cute and artsy.


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