Saturday, October 18, 2014

Blast from the Past

Anyone ever feel a sense of nostalgia when they think about the past and everything that has happened over the years? What about when you reach into your yarn stash and find a special yarn or pattern that has a story and history?  That's how I'm feeling tonight as I post this. All of my projects as of late have some sort of history that goes back at least a couple years, if not more.

Growing up my mom crocheted (among other things) and started to teach me when I was in late elementary/middle school. I tried to like it, really, but I never liked how the stitches looked. I always wanted to learn to knit so I could get the "v's". But some things never leave you and I found myself itching to crochet something, anything, a few weeks ago. As I mentioned in a past post, I reached for the closest yarn and just went for it. Well half way through a basic scarf I discovered the Chi-town crochet cowl and decided to try that. Overall, I like the end result, even though I am pretty sure that I did a different type of single crochet (is that possible?) each go round. Whatever. I do wish I could wrap it twice. I always have that issue with cowls. 

I actually can't believe I haven't blogged about this hat yet! It went faster than I thought it would. And was definitely a learning process as well. The pattern is Temple Cats, and it made me feel really nostalgic as I knit because it was one of the first patterns I received in a RAK way back when I used to do those.  At the time, I was scared of colorwork but knew I wanted this hat someday. Well a couple weeks back I finally decided to tackle it and there was no better yarn then the left overs from my artsy Stephen West shawl. I doubled the yarn and it was perfect with gauge. I added an extra cat repeat because I knew it wouldn't stretch well enough to fit me. 

Once I bound off, the bottom was curling really bad, so I knew I had to block it, even though it fit my head so perfect the way it was. After soaking, I realized how much the yarns I was using stretch (and also fuzz a bit) and found myself with a hat at least two sizes too big. I was so sad because I really loved how it came out. I slept on it and woke up deciding I would try to felt it. No harm, no fowl. Every time I've tried to felt in the past, I've failed, but this time around I actually succeeded. After a run through the machine on hot and the dryer on hot, I ended with the results above. And it's not even felted too bad! I'm so happy, because this hat really is the perfect pattern and the perfect colors. I think it's the world's way of saying to never give up!

Finally I have had no real project on the needles for a few days now and was itching for something, anything. Mick and I were going to a local film festival today and I wanted something to take. I decided to pull out this angora/wool blend I got in Scotland back when I went three summer's ago. Talk about nostalgia, that was such a great trip! But anyway, I decided to go basic stockinette scarf and this is the result after about three hours of knitting in the dark. Only 2 slipped stitches!!

Weekly inspirations:
Art:  I am 2 "likes" away from 100 on my Facebook page. You should go check it out, I am constantly updating with all kinds of art news!
Knitting: I saw this pattern and bought it instantly (it was on sale...). Now I just need to break down and buy the yarn. 
Food: I found this on Pinterest and it almost makes me want to go Vegetarian - so many delicious recipes! 30 days of vegetarian recipes. 
Life: Guess who turns 24 in 3 days? Me of course! I am hoping for a good, relaxing day. I don't really like to go party, so if I'm lucky my roommates will respect that. Either way though, it will be nice to celebrate another great year of living. :) 

So there's more drama happening around here, but I am not going to get into it on my blog again. For the time being, let's call everything happy and enjoy life. Knitting is going great, art is going great and nothing can bring me off that cloud.



  1. I have many of nostalgia feelings when it comes to yarn and knitting. Your hat is fantastic!
    Happy early birthday love. I know you are not really into the whole party thing, but make sure you celebrate yourself in some grand way. Life is short and every milestone should be celebrated! :)

    1. Thanks! I am considering driving down to a neighboring town to explore a bit, but we will see where I stand money wise on Tuesday. I always love hearing from you Andi :)

  2. I love angora, it becomes addictive though! I really like the 30 days of vegetarian recipes, thanks again for sharing it with me! I still need to get your birthday present ready to be mailed, it will happen soon!

    1. Well, take your time, because I know you are super busy. I always love the little treats you send me. And yes, that angora is addictive - the scarf is already half done!


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