Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Passing Time

Well, here we are. The beginning of July. Where has this summer disappeared to? I was so hoping for a nice, inspiring summer and yet I feel like I've just been too busy to really soak in any type of artsy bliss. Has anyone else felt this way lately?

I think part of the reason I've been so deprived (is that even a good word for it? I'm not sure...) is because this past week I started working two jobs: My job at the Salina Art Center, and now the Deli at my local Dillons grocery store at night.  Add that to my working out in the mornings and that doesn't leave a lot of time for myself. Weekends are a little better, but not much.

Enough complaining though, why not talk about something optimistic? Like the little knitting I AM getting done.  Blue Diamonds is slowly coming along. I am about half way down the body, which despite looking easy on paper, actually takes forever to get through a single row.  When this finally comes off the needles I will breath a sigh of relief and then wear it all day, every day - it really is a fun, beautiful knit!

The photo does no justice to the crazy diamond pattern

I am managing to get a little bit of other crafty/artsy-ness in, but not that much. For instance, this painting has been in the works for three weeks now, and it's not even that big. I need more motivation I guess. 

Definitely needs something....

And lets not forget that I am living at home with my parents, and my dad is a bit of a creative black hole.  If it involves any type of mess, it's pretty much a no-go. So I have to wait until he's at work (and I'm actually home!) to do anything messy. Lucky for me I was able to get a few hours before Dillons this past Saturday, just enough to do a little fabric dying experiment with a pair of cheap tennis shoes. 

Still needs some art on them!
Want to make your own? Check out my friend's post HERE to learn how!

So all in all, I feel like time is passing very fast and yet I am just watching it go. But I know that at the end of the summer when I have built up my savings I will not regret a moment of it.  After all, I need to get out of here, and if working my butt off is the key, than so be it.

Weekly inspirations:
Art:  A couple weeks ago a new show opened at the Salina Art Center with an installation by Joshua Short.  The theme of his show is sights and sounds he heard on his midwest trek to his residency with us.  I was lucky enough to get a chance to have a couple of very deep discussions with him during his time in Salina and I took a lot from it. Oh, and I actually like his abstract installation.
Knitting:  My next project is a toss up. I want to do some more selfish knitting, but I don't know what that would be. My mom got really lucky and found a full ball of Lion Brand sock yarn at Goodwill, so maybe I'll just knit her some socks to kill time.
Food:  My personal trainer has me counting calories and watching my diet. It's been a rough two weeks, but I am finally getting it down. One of the big culprits is of course SUGAR, and with that, ice cream. I am trying to find solutions, and I found one yummy recipe: Chocolate Greek Yogurt!
Life:  With mid summer approaching, it's that time to start looking for "big girl jobs". I already applied for one position at the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center, and I am also waiting to hear back from a residency program in Texas. I guess if nothing else pans out I can transfer to a Kroger company in Colorado from my Dillons here. 

I hope that the summer is treating everyone well - in the end it is me as well. See you all again very soon!



  1. I feel you on the burnout thing, summer is speeding by! Try to enjoy it, though, even if it's just small moments here and there. It's always hard when you're in something of a transitional state. Things will fall into place and get exciting again, I promise. Also thanks for the yogurt recipe, that looks great!

    1. Thanks Alicia, I keep changing my mind about that next step. One day I want to work at a gallery, the next I want to OWN a gallery. haha. I am so ready for some excitement.


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