Monday, June 16, 2014

Staying Fresh

It's been two weeks since my last post. But I guess I didn't have that much to report last week, so I just decided to leave it for a week. I hope everyone out there in blogland has had a great last couple of weeks!

You may remember from a few weeks ago that I was working on an experiment in sock lengthening. I am very happy to report that the socks had a successful operation and are fully recovered! See for yourself - you can barely notice the extra little stripe and even then, that will usually be covered by shoes.

The socks are still a little loose, something I will have to remember on my next pair of vanillas. I guess everyone's feet are different after all!

The last few posts I have mentioned wanting to knit Creme Brule very badly. I even went as far as to download the pattern.  As I prepared to cast on, I pulled out the yarn and realized that Ravelry's numbers were greatly off - I had half as much yarn as I thought! And I have no way of aquiring more. So both the yarn () and the pattern are going back into my stash until a later date.

Luckily for me, I had a backup plan, and pulled out my Tahki Ripple yarn. I have mentioned the Diamond Tee before also, and it made a good back-up plan.  I pulled out the yarn (which I had enough of...phew!) and needles and promptly cast on.  As I have been knitting, I have discovered that this pattern is so weirdly knit - you start flat with the back shoulders than add on the front shoulders THEN connect them all and finish the body. I am done with all the shoulder panels and ready to connect - but still a little confused. I think in the end it will be worth the extra brain power though.

Blue Diamonds in Tahki Ripple

In the world of art (not that knitting isn't art, and I will fight anyone to the death who says otherwise), I finished up my first summer gouache painting yesterday. This one has gone through many transformations to get to this point, but I am finally happy with it. Let me just say that back lighting is so hard. I still don't think I have it down here, but I vow to continue practicing. I do really like the colors I chose for this one though!

Weekly inspirations:
Knitting: MySister'sKnitter has yet another amazing KAL starting up. This one is for sock weight yarn (but doesn't have to involve knitting socks). I will probably join in, I just really want to finish my Diamonds first. But if you are interested, you should pop in and say Hi! It's such a fun group of knitters.
Art: The Smoky Hill River Festival was this past weekend. I didn't take many photos or I would share more. But I did manage to purchase some amazing art! I had a bit of extra money and decided it was my time to invest in actual art. I purchased an amazing KS Sunset print from Justin Marable and a 3 panel abstract set from Shawn Wolter
Food: This past week I was trying to find yummy lunch items that filled me up. I decided to make deli sandwiches which involved Farmer's Market tomatoes, organic lettuce, natural turkey breast, veggie blend cheese, and  hummus on homemade wheat-seed bread. Let's just say that I just about died when I took my first bite. I'm doing it again this week!
Life: I have been meeting with a personal trainer at my YMCA the last 2 weeks. She's got me doing circuits and it's definitely killing me but I am seeing an improvement.  This week she also asked me to start counting my calories...Wish me luck on that one. 

I hope that everyone has an amazing week! I have a feeling mine is going to be a whirlwind of busyness, but those are the best kind! 


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  1. love the kitten yoga!!! haha! Love your socks too, and I really really love your painting!!


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