Saturday, August 20, 2011

Too much of a good thing?

Everyone's heard of too much of a good thing. Too much ice cream, too much time with someone, too much whatever. Well I'm starting to wonder if I'm getting too much of a good thing with my Disney obsession, and not just Disney, but TANGLED in particular.

Exhibit A: All of my Tangled illustration drawings. I will admit, this movie made me realize how much I wanted to do illustration. I discovered the 'art' of colored pencil on pastel and construction paper way back in December, and did all the brown paper drawings then, and I recently did the blue one. I love the way the colored pencils look, but maybe I'm doing too many of these drawings? I really want to do a water color painting too, but school starts in 2 days so that's probably not an option.

Exhibit B: Tangled Ever After. They are making a new Tangled "short film" for Disney Channel next year, Tangled Ever After, about the wedding. I completely freaked when I found this poster, even though I already knew about the film before hand. I'm not a fan of the name (too Shrek-ish) and the poster is cheesy looking too, but I'm excited to see if they do it justice or make me hate my favorite movie.

Exhibit C: Disney Princesses are not just for kids! Rapunzel 'officially' becomes a Disney Princess this October, complete with her own line of products and her face on all the princess stuff! I'm already seeing it around a few places. Is it bad I got excited when I found out? I really hope they make some good products for her, I'd love a set of bed sheets! The only downfall is that they had to make her 2D to go with the others, and she doesn't look very good in 2D (despite my love of handrawn Disney!). See for yourself:

Exhibit D: Halloween. I got an email from the Disney Store about free shipping on Halloween costumes, so naturally I looked this up. They have a Rapunzel adult costume! But it's $79, so that is NOT happening, as much as I'd like it too. My fingers are crossed that the costume store here will have something, because how fun would it be to do that for Halloween? It's about time they made a blonde princess I actually liked!

And finally, Exhibit E: I don't know how many times I've seen the movie, I stopped counting around 10. I actually bought the 4 disc 3D/Bluray/DVD/Digital Copy when it came out, even though I don't have bluray or 3d, just because I could get it for $20. Talk about a deal!

Ok, so you be the judge. Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? I'm starting to think so, but I'm not giving up. Tangled is, and will be for awhile, my favorite Disney Movie!


PS: School starts Monday! Poo....

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