Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Scarves

So I have made a total of seven scarves. Two were gifts, so I don't have pictures yet. One is at home ( I hope). Below are the rest of them. I hope you enjoy. If anyone wants my patterns (although some weren't planned), let me know.

Made: Winter 2008W
This was crocheted, but whatever. I had the yarn sitting around and just started crocheting it, no plans or anything. This is the end result. It's ok, I like the fuzzyness and length (it was actually longer when I made it, so I had to cut it off and sew the ends). The colors are a bit crazy though, so I don't wear it alot.

Made: Winter 2008
This was my first scarf after I learned how to purl and make the V's! I was so happy after I learned those! This was with super bulky 'furry' yarn, so I didn't want to block it and chance losing the fuzz. That's why it's curly (I didn't know it would do that when I started). I like this for the colors.

Made: Winter 2009
This was some leftover yarn of my mom's so I went crazy. It turned out really long, and despite my efforts to prevent rolling (by knitting the edges) it still rolls anyways XD. Oh well I like this one because of the colors and how long and warn it is.

Made: January 2010
This is my most recent. The style was titled 'bramble', which is what those 'bumps' are. I really like this one because the yarn was think and self striping, I just wish it were longer (ran out of yarn). Left side is the back (which is kinda cool actually) and right is the front.

I hopee you enjoyed!



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