Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I did something last week that I have never done before.  I always thought that it was hard, annoying and looked awful.  Bur then, as I learned, I came to understand the reason why so many people do it. 

What am I talking about?

Granny Squares!

Ok, laugh away. Until last week I had NEVER made a Granny Square.  Partially because I really do think they look tacky and annoying and partially because I just never had a reason to. But then our knitting guild was asked to yarn bomb some light poles for a local art fair in April (I'll share more about that when it happens!) and several of the other ladies were whipping out granny squares for it like crazy. 

It took a lot of patience from two of my fellow knitters before I finally got the hang of it - you should have seen my first attempt.  But after doing some diagram sketches and thinking of ways to memorize it in my head, I finally caught on.

For someone who rarely crochets and even more rarely crochets in the round, picking up this new skill took a lot of baby steps and several "maybe I should just stick to knitting" before it was finally mastered.  I will say, they are easier than I ever thought and I completely get the hype behind them now, especially for yarn bombing.  But will I be making millions and millions? Probably not.  After this yarn bomb project is over I'll likely retire the hook and crappy yarn for awhile, and forget how to even make them once again.


Have you made any granny squares in you day? Do you like them? Why?  Tell me what you think :)

Have a fabulous week!



  1. Oh, good old granny squares :) Of course, I've made them, dozens and dozens and dozens, hoping to turn them into blanket one day - never happened, of course :) I gave them all to my Granny and she put them together, now they are in her village house in all their glory :) Enjoy!!!

  2. congrats on learning (relearning?) a new skill! I wish I could crochet granny squares, but I haven't prioritized learning how to crochet yet, which is a shame. I'm so jealous that you are going to be yarn bombing- that is totally something I want to do one day!

    1. I've bombed a couple things, but never to this extent. I'll of course share all about it in a few weeks.
      Yea, crochet is hit or miss for me. I kinda love to hate it....


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