Friday, April 29, 2016

TGIFriday Night

Maybe blogging should just be a monthly thing, as it seems that's all I really have time for these days.  Between 30+ hour (and split shift) work days, teaching after school and all my volunteer commitments, life just seems too busy to sit down and blog regularly.

But that doesn't mean things haven't been happening around here, for they definitely have. Just not the same ways they used to.

For one, I've been spinning a lot more.  I finally got my wheel to spin consistently AND was given two more bobbins that fit it, so the wheel has been turning a lot more.  So much that I finished this gorgeous purple alpaca in two weeks (a feet for me!). The question is, what will I ply it with? I want to maybe do something shiny, silver...

I also unearthed some polymer (Sculpy) clay and have sense become re-addicted to bead making. So much that I am working on a new line of markers to utilize they beads.  Currently I have some Earth Day markers up, but I have some rainbow ones in the works as well.

Somehow painting is happening as well, despite my random schedule.  This is my most recent, which is about half done.  The plan is to have those balls floating in water, so I want to do some layers to make some fall back and some com forward.  Isn't it wild!?

My art classes ended this week and despite my anticipation at the extra free time, I was almost in tears after the last one.  The kids this year - every single one - were absolutely stunning and inspiring and fabulous.  There just are too many words to say how proud I am of them all.

I also finished my Mix Tape this month, in fact it has been almost a month since it came off the needles.  I really like the colors and feel, but it's got an awkward shape, so I haven't found a way to wear it that makes me happy (and thus the hanging photo). 

Sadly, that's the only knit news I have, for I have been spinning and painting so much that knitting has kind of taken a back seat.  Hopefully soon it will get picked up.

Weekly Monthly Inspirations:

Knitting: Just look at Andi's sock collection! I love it so very very much. I can't imagine ever having a collection so beautiful as her's (and a good portion are just vanilla socks in great yarns!)
Art: Three new artists at Navasota again! Abby, Christy and Eric are all living at the house and creating wonderful things. I have met Abby, who is a fiber artist, and she is fabulous :)
Food:  No recipes to share, just that I have been getting weekly produce baskets and working from them to make delicious meals.  I never knew stir fried chard and onions were actually delicious!
Life: Relay for Life is next week and I joined again! Want to contribute? Watch my video then go HERE HERE HERE !! to donate to my cause.  Even $5 can make a difference.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week, and if I don't see you before then, a wonderful May ;)


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