Saturday, March 19, 2016

Mix-Tape of Emotions

Remember MixTapes? I barely do, having not been an 80's child.  I do remember mix CD's but that's not even the same.  I have fond memories of recording myself singing crappy stuff on my dad's tape player however.  Some days I even find myself wishing to go back to those days.  

I am rambling today because my life is pretty much at that point - a MixTape of emotions and events and really no clear definition.  Ever feel that way?

I guess it starts with these mitts, which I cast-on after finishing the hat, but have sadly reached a point where I am not going to have enough yarn.  My LYS has more BUT it's expensive....decisions need to be made, for I really do like these....
Back on the discussion of MixTapes, the above shawl is titled "Mixtape". It's a design from the Hill Country Yarn Crawl last fall and I have been wanting to knit it for awhile. It finally felt like time and I cast on a few weeks back.  I love the texture and feel of the Shibui yarns - a merino sock held with a lace mohair - as well as how fast this pattern is working up.  

Mixing is a pretty common theme right now.  I needed a mindless knit and finally got around to contributing to the Knitting Guild's charity project - knitting Twiddlemuffs for dementia patients. The idea is simple - using washable scrap yarn create a cuff that has pulls and bobble and texture so they have something to do with their hands.  It's so cleaver!

Back in my studio I'm also mixing things up.  Working big again AND trying new compositions.  This is the first of (hopefully) many painting involving floating forms.  In this case we have a cliff with the pink tree looking over the water.  It's going to be more obvious once I layer on some color to make the forms fall back into the water. 

Weekly Inspirations:
Knitting:  A member of my Guild brought some of these DPN Holders last week. How clever is that? I want to learn to sew just so I can make some!
Art: I visited Houston yesterday (and what an amazing day it was!) and saw this amazing artist - Janavi Folmsbee - at a local gallery.  Isn't it just SO PERFECT for what I am doing in my own art?!!
Food: I've been baking a bit more at work (so far I've struck out most times due to dry cakes).  Last week I decided to do a mint marble cake for St. Pat's day and used this recipe.  Replace the vanilla with mint in half and add green color. It's actually really good :)
Life:  The Gallery I mentioned above is the Samara Gallery in Houston, and it is amazing. AND I talked to the owner and gave him my card.  Fingers crossed something happens!

 Hope you all have a wonderful week!



  1. Mix tapes are the best creation ever! Wish I had one right now to listen to. Mine were filled with The Smiths, Morrissey and Violent Femmes. :) Thank you for reminding me about their greatness.
    All the wonderful things listed here. I especially love the idea and your contribution to helping dementia patients. That is the most lovely creation!

    1. Thanks Andi. Yea I kinda missed the mixtape period, but I did do alot of mixed cds (Several with Disney songs haha).
      And I loved making that Muff, if only I could figure out how to sew it together.


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