Monday, November 17, 2014

Keeping Warm

Brrrrr. It's been in the 30's and 40's the past few days here in Texas, and it's also been drizzling like crazy. It's days like today when I really just need some tea and a good knit project to keep me happy. Luckily, I have several.

I'm working on making my sculptures larger. Thus larger balls are needed. As much as I love working in the round, sometimes you need to change things up. So I'm doing short row wedges. It's actually really fun!

Playfully titled "Texas Tell it", my sweater is going really fast. I cast-on last Sunday and am already past the arm holes and working the short row body. I didn't think I'd knit this fast, but I was also waiting on more white yarn to arrive via snail mail before starting more sculptures. The initial cast on and sleeves sounded really confusing, but after doing them, they weren't that bad. I'm excited to add the blue soon!

Another fun adventure I'm having is with poetry and publishing. If you haven't seen my site lately, I have been writing poems to go with my art (Go to oil paintings, and click on on to see). Also, this is just a black and white proto-type, but I am working on a 'zine that includes my art and poetry, as well as a free knit pattern and recipe. I am hoping to sell them around here for a bit of extra cash. 

 I went up to Austin yesterday and had probably the best day I've had in Texas so far. The weather was nasty drizzle, but not too cold.  I went down for the E.A.S.T. Austin open studio tour, which is a weekend when over 200 artists open their studios up for people to come tour. I am so happy that I went because I met some amazing artist and got a chance to finally see Austin. Safe to say I want to move there.  Above is my collection of cards and such from the day.

 Weekly Inspirations:
Art: I can't decide which art I saw that was my favorite yesterday, but I did meet some great people. The ones that stood out were: Micheal Garcia . Rebecca KlierKanya LyonsMiabella Mojica ,Brandon C. EllisSave the HumansJennifer Balkin
Knitting: All the ladies in my knit group seem to be working on scarves and shawls. And man there are some pretty ones. One of my favorites is Ashburn
Food: I made roasted vegetables for the first time last week, with this recipe. It turned out amazing!
Life: I've been revamping my Etsy store. I added even more cards and also changed the logos. Check it out !
I hope that whether it's cold or warm on your part of the world, you are having a good week :)



  1. Roasting is my FAVORITE way to eat veggies. I remember when I roasted for the first time and was like OMG WHY DIDN'T ANYBODY TELL ME THIS EARLIER?! haha

    1. Exactly! It's so easy! I usually just put them in a pan and sauteed but I think I like this better. Doesn't burn them as much lol

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  3. Roasted vegetable is like turning your veggies into candy, love it!
    Your creative knits are looking fantastic already. You are quite brilliant, Lisa.

    1. Thanks Andi - lately I've been feeling quite brilliant indeed. Things just seem to be working out. I hope you have a great week :)

  4. I discovered roasting a couple months ago and I've been roasting pretty much everything since ;)
    I especially love roasted pumpkin and sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts and asparagus and basically everything ;)

    ps: I love collecting cute business cards so your last picture made me swoon!


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