Monday, February 24, 2014

February Loves

What better way to celebrate the month of February than with a quick post about my recent crafting loves.

This gem showed up in my mailbox today, courtesy the amazing Andi. I am always saying how much I LOVE her stripey socks but this is such a treat :) I cannot wait to cast on a lovely pair with this super squishy skein of sock yarn from Lady Bug Fiber Co.

A few weeks ago I finally finished my merino/silk blend yarn.  I received this massive chunk of Louet Roving from my amazing friend Ivy for my 21st birthday, over 2 1/2 years ago! I've been spinning off and on on it ever since (I've spun other stuff in between!), working towards that perfect skein.  I have finally finished it with a little motivation from the Knit-along I am in.  The end result? Over 200 yards (I think...I tried to count with my niddy noddy but that's not always right) of lovely purple awesomeness. Now the real question - What should I knit with it? 

With the completion of the gorgeous merino, I knew I wanted to add more fiber to my stash, so that way I'd have an excuse to spin more. I was passing through Abilene last week and stopped at the Shivering Sheep Yarn Shop, looking for something as a favor to a friend.  While I didn't find what she was looking for, I did walk out with these 2 bits of top/roving (how do you know the difference?). Both are hand dyed in Nova Scotia by The Fleece Artist.  The one on the left is a lovely green and brown Blue Faced Leicester and the one on the right is a pastel rainbow merino.  I can't decide which one to work on first! Hmmmmm 

Finally, you all know my love and passion for all things Relay For Life. Well I posted on a buy-sell-trade board about knitting scarves as a fundraiser. I had a girl contact me about knitting scarves with colors of specific cancer ribbons and I took up the challenge.  In the end I decided to pair a simple black yarn with 4 different thin stranded linen yarns.  The pattern is one I improvised but really like - a combo of garter and lace.  I think she liked them, it was hard to tell when I handed them off. But either way, I feel great about knitting for such a good cause!

I hope everyone had a great February and Valentine's day. I feel like the months are flying by. Just 3 more and I am off to start a new page in my life - what that page is is still a mystery though. But no matter what, I know it will be very full of art and knitting!


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