Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 -In Review-

Well, 2013 ends in 2.5 hours over here and I can't believe everything that has happened. This past year I've had so many experiences - mostly good - and learned so many things. I've produced the best art work of my life, received TWO BFA's,  and finished almost 25 knitting projects! Whew what a year!

For the past couple of years I have made a "Fiber resolutions/goals list" and every time I go all crazy with it at the beginning the fizzle out by Summer. But I still want to take the time to look at it right now.

1. Knit a pullover/in the round type sweater: 2012 was the year of cardigans and vests, I want 2013 to be the year of pullovers! And I really want to start with this one: 
Ok so 2013 was not the year of pullovers but I did get one done! Dragonflies

2. Going off of the last one, I would love to knit a bulky yarns sweater, because there are so many pretty ones :)
That didn't happen... sadly I got distracted by other things I guess.
3.Last year I wanted to conquer lace and I feel like I did. Well this year I want to FINISH something lace, with very few mistakes. I have some amazing bison blend yarn that would make a lovely lace scarf!
The bison yarn is still in my stash, but Salacia is by far my favorite finished project ever. And I even learned to seam in the process :) 
4.Felt something, anything. 
I did try felting a headband but it didn't work. And I accidentally felted a pair of socks in the washing machine. Do those count
5.Learn more cast-on's and bind-off's. Because I just didn't do it last year and I know it would be beneficial to know.
I don't remember any new ones by heart, but I did use new ones in several projects for my monthly knitting club. 
6.Design another pair of worsted weight socks. They always seem to go over so well. It's my dream to publish a whole book of worsted socks!
Oops, I guess I forgot...
7. Design a pair of sock-weight socks. Just for the fun of it!
Although not published, I semi-designed a pair for my knitting buddy Ivy!
8. Design and publish something other than socks and submit something to at least 2 publications. I didn't get into Knitty, but I got great response from the editor and I want to try again with them and others. 
I submitted Drehen to Knitty (no go) and Pixelexia to Knitscene (no go). I ended up self publishing Drehen. I also completely improvised my lacey babydoll top with only slight issues along the way (including running out of yarn and having to tie it with a cord)

9. Spin something other than worsted/bulky. I would love to make a fingering weight yarn. 
I didn't spin much of anything all year. I worked a bit on some merino/silk but it didn't get done (however it is pretty thin...)
10Learn to blend fibers through plying when spinning (like merino and nylon). This goes back to the above point. 
See my response to #9
11. Learn different types of drafts and how to know when to use which. I am still stuck in a rut of doing the same thing every time, whether it works for that roving or not.
Yea, that didn't happen. Maybe this year I'll actually start spinning again. 
12.Learn how to properly dye with natural materials (flowers, roots etc)
I did dye a lot this year, but always with food color and kool aid. Although I didn't do natural dying, I am super proud of my new found abilities to dye with the sun. (Check out my shawl for proof!)

Once again, I did about half the things on the list. But I also did so much more this year. I finished so many amazing projects - 6 different full sized garments !! - and learned so many amazing things. What will this year bring? 

I plan on writing up another list, but I don't plan on making it my primary goals like before. I just want to collect my thoughts and get ideas.

What's on your list this year?



  1. Looks like you had a great year overall! I especially love the purple sweater and the lacy tank!

  2. nice work! i think we naturally make the year's plans bigger than we're ever likely to achieve, so marking half of them done is a great achievement :)

  3. Great accomplishments all around! happy 2014!


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