Friday, August 30, 2013

WIP Friday?

It may be FO Friday to the rest of the blog world, but in my world it's WIP Friday. Simply because I have no FO's but plenty of WIPs.

I decided to knit something by the amazing Stephen West. I wanted a shawl or scarf or something to wear at the reception for my painting show come December, and Chadwick fit the bill. I already had the pattern and one skein in my stash: Pagewood Farms St. Elias, which also helped. The second yarn is Berroco Ultra Alpaca, which is such a dream to knit with! I started this last week when I didn't have classes and am already almost done. And here I thought it would take forever. 

Classes started back up Monday, which for me means I get to oil paint again! I already started working on this one and have added quite a bit to it in the 2 days I've been working. Can you tell? (the "old" version can be seen on my art page).

I hung out with an old high school friend last week and she's a sort-of knitter. She decided she wanted to make a blanket, so I gave her the needles and said have at it. After struggling through her first row on circulars, she got all excited! I hope it turns out really nice :) 

Being back in Manhattan means an AMAZING Farmer's Market. I mean it: Their were at least 20-25 tents last week. About half had craft items but still. The produce is amazing! Check out what I picked up for about $15! YUM. 

I've been trying really hard to eat clean lately, and have been keeping a food log at night. I am happy to report that I have had a 95% clean week! I blame school and my busyness. However, I did look up the nutrition facts for those Sonic shakes I was sipping on all summer: BAD IDEA. That's all I'm going to say about that haha. 

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and if you are in the States you enjoy the 3 days!



  1. Your shawl is gorgeous! I think it will be perfect for you to wear for your reception.

  2. I really like that color combo! And the painting is neat, I dig the knitting at the top.

  3. Love the colors in your shawl. It will be amazing.
    So jealous over all the fantastic veggies from the Farmer's market.

  4. That shawl is just stunning --perfect for your show!

    I am trying to switch over to clean eating -- it really is the best diet out there. As for Sonic -- everything there is a health nightmare.


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