Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday: 9 Weeks and Counting

The countdown begun today, when my drawing teacher started giving me crap about priorities and what I really need to focus on right now. I guess I don't blame her, I have been painting a lot more than drawing. But what I don't think she grasps is the fact that my drawings are much less labor intensive, and thus don't need as much dedication.

Take, for example, my "Drawings in Progress" -- I like to write that on the outside of all my boxes. The concept is simple: Make a box out of a drawing surface (illustration board), insert charcoal, strap to leg, arm, etc and let drawing make itself throughout the day. The only real work involved here is making the boxes, which did take like 3 hours, but after that, the drawing makes itself.

Enough pieces to make at least 20 boxes, and I have 15 mores sheets of board on the way :)

I am adding a new component to these drawings, but it's not going to be a big deal for awhile. I ordered myself a GoPro "Hero" camera, with which will record videos of the charcoal in action.  The best part? The camera is super tiny!

Taped to the side of the boxes, the camera will film a video of the charcoal movements, of which I will then edit and display next to my drawings.  So yes, there will be some labor there, but not for a few weeks. 

And then there's the knitting drawings.  The afghan I had talked about last week is out the window, but that's OK because the new concept is stronger and more like many of my previous works. However until today, when I got the yarn from my aunt, I couldn't really start it.  So once again, I had nothing to really do in class....

Yay Linen!

The new idea is simple. Make a table of colors, times intervals, total times and needle sizes and let an online number generator decide which to use. The "drawing" below consists of just that.

Orange, 30 sec intervals, 45 minutes total, US 13
Violet, 30 sec intervals, 10 minutes, US 8
Black, 5 minutes intervals, 30 minutes, US 10

It's actually really fun, and allows me to catch up on shows and movies wall I "log studio time". But until today, I couldn't really do much.  So... is it OK that I wanted to paint during my drawing class today? I think the evidence is in my favor. 

Especially when your painting teacher wants 2 new paintings started by Monday...

But starting Monday, the 9 week countdown to my BFA Drawing show shall begin! Good bye life...


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  1. Awww! Cutest starving artist ever. I'm interested to see how your knitting/drawing/thing comes out!

  2. So many very cool ideas here! The next nine weeks sound they are going to be really busy and I just know your show will be amazing!


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