Thursday, November 24, 2011

Give Thanks 2011

It's that time of the year again. Mom slaves away in the kitchen to make a big meal, dad sits in front of the T.V. with a football game and the siblings fight in the next room. Well ok, maybe that's not how it is at my house, but it's very close and I know a lot of people spend their holiday this way. How do you spend yours?

Every year Thanksgiving seems to lose it's meaning a little more, it is slowly becoming a shopping day and less about what's really important. (I mean come on, Black Friday starting at MIDNIGHT?!?!). To those still celebrating the correct way, I am thankful for you. I am also thankful for:

*My family. They are my rock. We may fight, but we are still a family and I know that my family will always be there for me whenever I need them.

*My high school friends. We have this connection that I will forever cherish, and I don't think anything can ever break it. They will always be there to listen and give advice, no matter how far we are. Thank you Janae, Ashley, Sarah, Bea, Karlee, and all my amazing high school buddies.

*My college friends. I may act like I don't appreciate them sometimes, or I may take them for granted, but they're still my friends and they still care about me as I do about them. This past year has been great, despite the issues that have arisen, and I thank Kaela, Rachel, Alley, Lynnsay, David, Kenni, Griselda, and all my art buddies for the amazing memories I've made in college.

*My kitties. I miss Muffin and Sasha so much when I'm not home, and I there is nothing better than a purring cat on your bed in the morning.

*My awesome Penpal, Ivy. She's always so unbiased and helpful and willing to listen. Plus it's fun to bounce knitting and spinning ideas off of her. Even though we've never met, I consider her one of my best friends.

*My relatives, especially David and Linda, who are always willing to help me with things in Manhattan.

*Wildflower Yarn Shop (and knitting in general), for giving me a good excuse (Knit night!) to just escape school work and do something creative I love. If I hadn't discovered knitting, I don't know where I'd be today.

*Art. Without art I would be nothing, nor would I really know what I wanted to do the rest of my life.

*Disney Movies, just because they are awesome and they allow me to escape reality and step back to my childhood, even if just for a couple hours.

I know there is so much more I am thankful for, but these are the important ones. I seriously would not be who I am without the things listed above. I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving and that everyone can put aside their differences and petty needs to remember what being thankful truly is.


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